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Most industries produce some wastewater. Whether you’re in farming, operating a mine, a well, or even a factory, it is an essential best-practice of all industrial management to handle this wastewater in an effective, efficient and responsible manner. Yet, given that there are several different options for waste-water treatment – each with its own unique benefits – it is important to select that water management strategy that is best suited to the unique needs of each site.

Water Reuse and Recycling

The reuse of produced water, including flowback water, from the oil and gas industry can offer important economical and environmental benefits, particularly in areas that are water-scarce. In addition, wastewater from beef, chicken and pork feedlots that until recently was considered an unusable byproduct can now be treated and recycled for other applications. By recycling wastewater from these historically water-consuming industries for other industrial pursuits (for example irrigation, hydraulic fracturing, dust control, waterflooding, and enhanced oil recovery), the demand for extrinsic sources of water can be drastically minimized, creating a more efficient and sustainable system.

Water Treatment

Our wellsite managers are completely equipped for executing, planning and In order to safely recycle wastewater, it must first go through several stages of purification and neutralization, which can include chemical treatment (using flocculants and coagulants), mechanical filtration and separation, biological treatment (using microorganisms and bacteria), or a hybrid method. The most suitable strategy needs to be carefully determined on a site-by-site basis, as it is dependent on the original use of the water, the water pH, and other variances of water composition and quantity. Whatever the treatment selected, before the renewed water is given its second life it is carefully chemically analyzed to ensure strict compliance with comprehensive safety and environmental standards.

Experienced Wastewater Management

Efforts to reduce water waste can remove costly inefficiencies in industrial systems. Through strategic water management – including treatment, recycling, and reuse strategies – industries like agriculture, oil, gas and mining can increase the productivity of a site while simultaneously minimizing disturbances to the surrounding area.

At Yellowstone Industries, we manage all wastewater disposal projects with expert attention to the particularities, goals and needs of each industry, and every unique site. With over 60 years of experience, we bring to bear expertise, professionalism and state-of-the-art technology to every water management project we take on. If you want to find out more about how Yellowstone Industries can help optimize your water management process, please reach out to us to learn more.